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4 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of your Packaging

4 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of your Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging Choices

ABL Distribution Pty Ltd is actively seeking eco-friendly packaging choices to help customers improve sustainability.
Here are FOUR useful eco-friendly sustainability enhancing choices...

Use new technology 'thin' films to reduce waste volumes
Sadly there are few practical alternatives here. For example eco-friendly solutions like corrugated cardboard as am alternative are expensive and fail in wet weather.
Recently effort has focussed on reducing the volume of plastic waste by the development of strengthening additives that make films strong at light thicknesses. 
e.g. Maxstretch Xtreme is only 15um thick but is as strong as 23um conventional film if used correctly. 
Here are some useful links:
Super Value Stretch Palletwrap
Maxstretch Machine Pallet Wrap - Clear

Maxstretch Machine Pallet Wrap - Black
Maxstretch Xtreme Hand Pallet Wrap

Ways to eliminate plastic or other oil based products
ABL Distribution offers 2 main alternatives...
Bio Fill Packaging peanuts are useful 'packaging' material designed to protect fragile products in transit. They are biodegradable, water soluble, compostable, static free, reusable and economical. Downsides are they are 'messy', product can track to edges of cartons during transport and get damaged, they can mark 'soft' surface products, and they need careful storage to prevent vermin issues. 

Hexcel Wrap is new technology protective packaging. Hexcel Wrap is;
  • All paper, recyclable, biodegradable & compostable 

  • Honeycomb structure that helps to 'lock' product in place

  • Easy wrapping and great presentation

  • Most economical paper void fill product


  1. Bubblewrap with Ecopure - The reality is bubblewrap is often the only weather proof bulk wrapping solution. Bubblewrap with Ecopure is an eco-friendly innovation. Eco pure is an organic additive that uses microorganisms in landfill to make polymer plastics completely degradable in 3-5 years without harmful residues. 
    Bubblewrap with Ecopure is food safe, non-toxic and doesn't break down in normal use. 
    Ecopure is AMAZING!
  2. Air Pillows are another alternative. Compact, recyclable, multi-use capabilities, able to be inflated on site and many refill sizes available! Air Cushions are another alternative that reduces our environmental footprint. 

These tapes are the cutting edge alternative to packaging tapes. 
World leading innovators like 'Amazon' have already adopted this technology
Water activated tapes combine a reinforced paper backing with material gum to provide incredibly curable, strong and eco-friendly tape. 
Advantages include;
Cheaper than true tamper evident tapes but offers amazing pilfer proof properties
When compared with electronic dispensing systems this tape can be 'cheaper in use' than plastic tape products
Tape 'sticks' in all environment conditions
Looks professional and clean


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Please contact us for more information on eco-friendly packaging options.

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