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Trolleys, Pallet Jacks & Handling Equipment

Pallet Handling Equipment: Efficient Solutions for Your Business

Discover reliable and durable pallet handling equipment designed to streamline your operations. Whether you need pallet jacks, trolleys, or specialised lifting devices, enhance your warehouse efficiency with our top-quality products.

Pallet Jacks: Versatile and Durable Transport Solutions

Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks, are critical tools for efficient material handling. Designed to simplify the lifting and moving of pallets, these jacks can significantly reduce manual labour.

  • Entry and exit roller reduces physical exertion while protecting load roller and pallet
  • Fully sealed hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control valve
  • Adjustable push rod under forks for varied lifting needs
  • Capacity: 2500kg with ergonomic handling

Trolleys: Diverse Options for Various Applications

Our pallet jack trolleys and other trolley options cater to different industrial needs. Choose from a range of high-quality trolleys for transporting goods effectively.

  • Drum Truck Trolley: Ideal for handling steel or poly drums with a 450kg capacity
  • Picking Trolley with 4 Tubs & Clipboard: Perfect for warehouse order picking, includes tubs and a clipboard to organise your small and large items
  • Flat Bed Picking Trolley: Foldable design for easy storage and high ergonomic handle
  • Industrial Platform Trolley: Heavy-duty construction for holding and transporting bulky loads
  • Hand Tilt Trolley: Reduces effort in tilting and transporting heavy loads with ergonomic grips

Specialised Lifting Equipment: Enhancing Workplace Safety

Invest in specialised equipment to improve both safety and efficiency in your operations. From scissor lift tables to pallet levellers, we have the solutions that suit various needs.

  • Scissor Lift Table: Equipped with a precision hydraulic foot pump and safety braking system
  • Spring Actuated Pallet Leveller: Keeps pallets at an optimal height to reduce back injuries with a built-in turntable for easy rotation

Benefits of Using Pallet Handling Equipment

Incorporate reliable pallet jacks and trolleys into your daily operations to enhance productivity and safety:

  1. Minimise physical exertion with ergonomic equipment
  2. Increase efficiency with versatile handling solutions
  3. Enhance workplace safety by reducing manual handling injuries

Explore Our Range of Pallet Handling Equipment

Invest in top-tier pallet handling equipment to boost your business productivity. Browse our extensive range of pallet jacks, trolleys, and other handling solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries.

  • Order picking made easy with our specialised trolleys
  • Heavy-duty solutions for demanding applications
  • Ergonomically designed equipment to ensure user comfort and safety

Streamline your operations by choosing the right equipment to handle your pallet and material transportation needs. Enhance productivity and ensure workplace safety with our high-quality pallet handling solutions.

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