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Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are an essential component in any warehouse or despatch area. Yet something so simple can be crucial to the smooth supply of your goods to your customers.
Make sure you have right tape for the job and your packaging will stay stuck - ensuring your goods will arrive safely at their destination.
ABL only supplies reliable brands such as 3M, Stylus (Vibac) and Tempest tapes to reassure you that your packaging tape will last the distance.

Packaging Tapes: Essential for Secure Shipments

Packaging tapes are vital for ensuring your packages are securely sealed and protected throughout the shipping process. Whether you’re sealing boxes or bundling multiple items together, the right packaging tape ensures that your goods arrive safely at their destination.

Types of Packaging Tapes Available

Packaging tapes come in a variety of materials and adhesive strengths, each suited to different applications. These options include:

  • Acrylic Packaging Tape – Known for its strong adhesion and durability over a range of temperatures.
  • Synthetic Rubber Packaging Tape – Offers excellent bonding strength and can adhere to various surfaces.
  • Natural Rubber Packaging Tape – Provides a strong, flexible seal and works well in extreme conditions.
  • Machine Packaging Tape – Ideal for automated packing processes, ensuring consistent application.
  • Coloured Packaging Tape – Provides colour-coding for easy identification of packages and adds a professional touch.

The Benefits of Using Quality Packing Tapes

Using high-quality packaging tapes can offer multiple benefits to your business:

  1. Enhanced Security – Provides a reliable seal that helps prevent tampering and damage.
  2. Durability – Strong and resilient tapes ensure your packaging remains intact during transit.
  3. Efficiency – Easy-to-use tapes improve the speed of your packing process, saving you time and labour costs.
  4. Professional Appearance – Clean, well-sealed packages present a more professional image to your customers.

Choosing the Right Packaging Tape for Your Business

Selecting the appropriate packaging tape is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your shipments. Consider the following when choosing a tape:

  • Adhesive Type – Depends on the surface it needs to stick to and environmental conditions it will face.
  • Environmental Factors – Temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight can impact tape performance.
  • Application Method – Manual application versus machine application may determine the type of tape needed.

Packaging Tape Accessories

Along with our range of tapes, we also offer:

  • Packaging Tape Dispensers – Improve the efficiency of your packing process with handheld and machine dispensers.
  • Tamper Proof Security Packaging Tape – Ensure the security of your packages with tapes designed to indicate tampering.
  • Printed Packaging Tapes – Customize your packaging with branded or instructional tapes.

Invest in Reliable Packaging Tapes

Investing in high-quality packaging tapes is a small cost that yields significant benefits. Make sure your goods are secure and pristine when they reach your customers by choosing the best tape for the job.

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