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Wire, Twine, Lashing & Ties

About Wire, Twine, Lashing & Ties

This category features a wide range of products related to wire, twine, lashing, and ties for various industrial applications. From packaging solutions to securing loads, these products offer durability and strength for your needs.


  • High-quality wire for packaging and industrial use
  • Various gauges and materials available
  • Reliable options for bundling and securing items


  • Durable twine options for packaging and tying applications
  • Available in different thicknesses and lengths
  • Ideal for securing goods for transportation

Lashing Ties

  • Strong lashing ties for securing loads and items
  • Adjustable and reusable designs
  • Perfect for industries requiring dependable lashing solutions

Wire and Twine

  • Combinations of wire and twine for versatile applications
  • Customizable options for specific packaging needs
  • Reliable solutions for various bundling requirements
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