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Pallet Strapping & Equipment

Pallet strapping is a process of securing products or goods to a pallet using a strap or band made of polypropylene, polyester, or steel. 

Pallet strapping is commonly used in transportation and storage industries to secure goods on pallets during transportation and storage. It helps to prevent damage to the products or goods, and also ensures that they do not shift or move during transport.

ABL Distribution offers a range of pallet strapping options as well as a variety of corresponding tools & seals. 

Our pallet strapping options include: 
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Comprehensive Guide to Pallet Strapping and Equipment

Ensuring the safety and security of your goods during transportation is crucial. Pallet strapping, also known as pallet banding, plays a pivotal role in stabilising and securing cargo on pallets. With a variety of materials, tools, and techniques available, understanding the right strapping method can greatly enhance your logistics and storage processes.

Types of Pallet Strapping

  • Polypropylene Pallet Strapping - Ideal for light to medium applications, available in various widths and thicknesses.
  • Polyester (PET) Pallet Strapping - Known for its strength and durability, suitable for heavier applications.
  • Metal / Steel Pallet Strapping - The strongest of all strapping options, perfect for very heavy or rugged applications.
  • Composite Polyester Strapping - A synthetic option that offers the best qualities of both plastic and fabric strapping.
  • Polywoven Pallet Strapping - Extremely durable, highly resistant to environmental damages.

Choosing the Right Pallet Strapping Tool

Selecting the appropriate pallet strapping tool is essential for the effective application of strapping materials. Here’s a quick rundown of tools tailored for different types of strapping:

  1. Plastic Strapping Tools - Light and easy to use, typically used for polypropylene and polyester strapping.
  2. Steel Strapping Tools - Robust tools designed for metal or steel strapping, providing high tension and security.
  3. Battery-Powered Strapping Tools - Provides mobility and ease of use, suitable for moderate to high volume strapping needs.

Accessorize Your Pallet Strapping

Complete your pallet strapping setup with essential accessories:

  • Seals and Buckles - Ensure that your straps are securely fastened and locked.
  • Protective Cardboard Corners - Protect the edges of your products from being damaged by the strapping.
  • Strapping Dispensers - Keeps your strapping material organised and makes the strapping process more efficient.

Pallet Strapping Kits

For those new to pallet strapping, or needing to streamline their packaging process, pallet strapping kits are a compact and convenient solution. These kits typically include a range of strapping tools, seals, and perhaps a small quantity of strap material to get you started.

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