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PE Foam Wrap

ABL Distribution stocks a wide range of polyfoam rolls. Poly foam offers many great features as an economical, resilient packaging material. It is a 100% recyclable, water resistant, polyethylene material made in Australia.

Poly foam has a memory, unlike bubble wrap, where the bubble may pop after an impact. Bumps in transit are mitigated by poly foams redounding memory. It is tough and tear resistant and doesn't leave unsightly marks. We recommend you use poly foam over bubble wrap for protecting polished surfaces or sensitive finishes such as powder coated metal or expensive artwork. We stock rolls in the following thicknesses - 1mm, 2mm & 4mm x 1.2m tall. Other thicknesses / sizes are available for order by demand.

This is an image of foam wrap, .5mm thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
Pe Foam-Wrap 1mm Thick from ABL Distribution
PE Foam Wrap Rolls 2mm Thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
Pe Foam-Wrap 3Mm Thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
PE Foam Wrap Rolls 4mm Thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
This is an image of 6mm thick foam wrap from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
This is an image of foam wrap 8mm thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
This is an image of foam wrap, 10mm thick from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Protective PE Foam Wrap for Your Packaging Needs

When it comes to packaging fragile or delicate items, PE foam wrap is a versatile and reliable solution. ABL Distribution offers a variety of PE foam rolls that provide excellent protection against impact and scratches, making them ideal for a wide range of packaging applications.

Key Features of PE Foam Wrap

  • Durable and Resilient: Polyethylene foam is a resilient packaging material that can withstand bumps and impacts during transit, ensuring that your products arrive safely.
  • Recyclable Material: PE foam is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option.
  • Water-Resistant: The water-resistant nature of PE foam helps protect your items from moisture and humidity during shipping.
  • Memory Foam Effect: Unlike bubble wrap, PE foam retains its shape and memory, providing consistent protection without the risk of bubbles popping upon impact.
  • Tear-Resistant: PE foam is tear-resistant, ensuring that it maintains its protective properties even under rough handling.

Choosing PE Foam Wrap Over Other Options

When comparing PE foam wrap to alternatives like bubble wrap or PPS foam wrap, PE foam stands out for its ability to provide superior protection for polished surfaces, sensitive finishes, or valuable artworks. Its non-abrasive surface and tear-resistant quality make it a preferred choice for businesses looking to safeguard their products during shipping and handling.

Available Thicknesses and Sizes

At ABL Distribution, we stock a range of PE foam rolls in various thicknesses, including 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm.

Shipping Options for PE Foam Wrap

Wondering about shipping options for your PE foam wrap order? ABL Distribution offers shipping services via our own delivery trucks within our local service areas. Free shipping is available for orders over $100 in selected Tweed, Gold Coast, and Brisbane regions. For deliveries outside our local coverage area or across Australia, shipping charges may apply. Contact our sales team for shipping estimates and assistance with your order.

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