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The ABL Story

ABL Distribution is a One Stop Packaging and Warehouse Supply Shop. We are an industrial product specialist with huge range of packaging, washroom, adhesive products and more. 

ABL is a proactive family owned and operated industrial supplier established in 1986. With an ever growing product range, and FREE next day delivery to most of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Tweed customers for orders over $100, ABL aims to be the preferred supplier of industrial packaging, assembly solutions and related products within the South East Queensland region.  We seek to add value to our customer’s businesses through our expert product knowledge, our flexibility in carton solutions and our one-stop shop service advantage.

We are a key distributor for 3M Industrial Products, Bostik glues and adhesives, Polycell, Septone, ProChoice Safety Products and more! With over 35 years in the industry we have a huge depth of technical knowledge to help provide packaging/warehouse solutions for your business. 

Be impressed with our huge range, excellent pricing and prompt and friendly service!

ABL - An Interview With Ian Boniface

How did you get the idea for ABL? 

In 1984 our family business Coastal Packaging Distributors supplied food service packaging on the Gold Coast- remember the old Giraffe paper milkshake cups?
People kept ringing and asking us for stock boxes and tape, so we would refer them to other companies in Brisbane.
One day I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to sell them ourselves and make these potential customers happy!

What does ABL stand for ? 

By 1986 our first name Gold Coast Industrial Packaging was confusing people – customers would ring Coastal and ask for Bubblewrap and we would switch them through to the Industrial section. A bit bureaucratic!  So we thought about a new name and chose ABL…
  • “A” for the front of Yellow Pages
  • “B” for Boniface, and;
  • “L” for Love (my Mum’s maiden name)

What are the ABL milestones?

I think they are:
  • Becoming a 3M distributor in 1986
  • Expanding geographically from 2003 into Brisbane and the Northern Rivers
  • Making a big investment into online in 2012-2014              
  • Taking a scary plunge in building a big warehouse in 2013
  • Adding an emphasis on respiratory and WHS products in 2017
  • Key people coming on the journey with us (I think people are always your biggest competitive advantage)
Michelle McGifford joined us in 1989, my cousin Andrew Wilson in 2002, Fiona Leonard from 1991 and back again in 2011, and, of course, my brother in law, Kerry Johnston, who walked the whole way with ABL and is now semi- retired.

What’s the future?

I want to keep the same emphases- providing products that our customers want, giving them top service, and looking to grow.
I think that there will be big product innovations as the world moves to more sustainable products. Online will grow too as patterns of product search change for customers.
I do not agree that external salespersons will be obsolete – customers need to see and to touch products, see demonstrations plus I think that we are made to interact with each other!
I am optimistic about the future!
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