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ABL's 6 Tips for Better Pallets

ABL's 6 Tips for Better Pallets

Problems with pallets? Collapses, damage, crushing...?

1. Is the base secure?
Have you securely tied the pallet wrap to the pallet & double wrapped (at least) the base?

2. Does the pallet wrap overlap?
Are there any "gaps" or weak points that could lead to collapse if there's impact or movement in transit?
Our "rule" is 3 wraps at the base, 3 wraps at the top of the pallet and 2 wraps (i.e. up and down) on the sides.

3. Is the pallet stable?
Common issues can be "heavy" cartons inadvertently sitting on top of lighter ones, or, cartons with lots of "void space" crushing over time and causing a mini collapse.

4. Can dirt or moisture get in?
Overlapping wrap layers and the use of topsheet can stop this issue.

5. Are you using the right wrap for the job?
Lighter, smooth side pallets suit cast film. Pallets of rough or sharp objects suit tough to puncture blown film (e.g brick or tiles).

6. Awareness of pallet stick...
In humid conditions, putting the "sticky" side of blown film outwards can cause adjoining pallets to "stick together" with potentially dangerous consequences when unloading.
(Cast film "co-adheres" by static attraction and largely avoids this issue.)

Please contact us about any issues that you have with palletising.

We are happy to help you.

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