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An EASY guide for Aerosol Glue

An EASY guide for Aerosol Glue

Spray Cans of Glue

ABL Distribution stocks a wide range of industrial glues in handy aerosol cans.

5 reasons to use aerosol cans of glue:

  1. Quick and portable
  2. No waste for small jobs
  3. Easy to Use
  4. No extensive equipment (e.g. spray pots) needed
  5. Wide variety of specialised types available

Economy Range 

Bostik Spray 'n' Stick is an economical spray glue. It is good for lightweight work (paper, cardboard, felt, some plastics, mounting prints etc.) Clear in colour.
Bostik Spray & Stick Adhesive

Premium 3M Industrial Aerosol Adhesives

These are a premium range with high coverage rates. 

Spray 74 - Foam & Fabric

  • Soft glue line for upholestry foam bonding
  • Lace pattern
  • Pale orange colour
3M Spray 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive 489g Can

Spray 75 - Repositionable

  • Used in temporary repositionable bonding of lightweight  materials
  • Particle spray pattern
  • Clear in colour
3M Respositionable Spray Adhesive

Spray 76 - High Tack

  • Mulitpurpose, quick bonding, high temperature resistance (e.g. great for car headlining)
  • Lace spray pattern
  • Clear in colour
Spray 76 High Tack Adhesive

Spray 77 - Mulitpurpose

  • Fast, aggresive tack for lightweight materials 
  • Polystyrene safe
  • Good all rounder
  • Particle spray pattern
  • Clear to light yellow in colour
3M Spray 77 Multipurpose Spray Cleaner

Spray 80 - Neoprene

  • Bonds rubber and supported vinyl
  • Lace pattern
  • Yellow in colour
3M Spray 80 Neoprene Spray Contact Adhesive 510g Can

Spray 90 - Hi Strength

  • High strength for high bonds  e.g. high pressure laminates
  • Fine spray pattern
  • Translucent in colour
3M Spray 90 High Strength Adhesive 500g can

Tensor Specialist Range

This is a premium range of specialty glues.

M31 - Infusion / RTM Mould - Used in the marine fibreglass industry and is designed to help in the infusion of composets.  

L20 - Laminate Contact - Bonds hard plastics, foams, fabrics to MDF, chipboard, plywood etc. Will bond acrylic mirror without adverse affects.

L17 - Hi-Temp Post Form - Gives immediate bond strength and is fire rated. Great for gluing GRP, aluminium, HPL to timber and ply sheets. 

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