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The Importance of Hearing Protection

The Importance of Hearing Protection

Hearing loss due to noise exposure is preventable through wearing the correct protection such as earplugs or ear muffs. Hazardous noise levels like industrial machinery, loud music and traffic are some of the demons that attribute to permanent, preventable hearing loss. Don't end up like our friend in the picture to the right, save your ears (and your dignity) by wearing the correct hearing protection. Selecting a product that offers the most effective protection for the job is essential.

Here are some different types of hear protection available:

What is a dB?

dB is an abreaviation for Decibel, the unit of measurment for sound levels.

How can I tell when hearing protection is needed?

You can have a noise assesment done. This will determine the decibel levels in your environment. Levels above 85dB are entering a risk zone and may require hearing protection.

What is tinnitus?

Unmeditated ringing noises in the ear that have been linked to hearing loss

How does hearing loss occur?

Nerve destruction or damage to the hair cells which transfer sound waves within the ear can result in permanent hearing loss. These parts of the hearing instrument cannot not be revived and once they are damaged some form of permanent hearing loss is likely, whether it be slight or total.

How do choose the appropriate hearing protection?

There are a number of factors that determine which hearing proteciton you should use such as: noise levels, environement, comfort, etc. Ultimately your hearing protection must provide the required noise reduction. All protection types are allocated to a class between 1 & 5 which shows it's capable noise reduction level. Also earmuffs may be more convenient if noise exposure is periodic.

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