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Packaging Tape FAQ's

Packaging Tape FAQ's

With packaging tape there are a number of factors that can contribute to the tape not sticking or lifting after a couple of hours. Things like humidity in the air or even using recycled cartons can affect how your tape performs.
Here, we answer the most commonly asked questions about packaging tape:

Q. My packaging tape lifts off in the fridge. Is there a tape that is suitable for cold rooms?

A. You are probably using a rubber hot melt adhesive packaging tape. You need to use a quality acrylic adhesive packaging tape. Try our:
(9308) Acrylic Clear 50um 48mm x 75m Packaging Tape 36/ctn—$1.40/roll + GST
(4123) T311 Clear Cold Temperature Tape 48mm x 100m 36/ctn—$3.65/roll + GST

Q. My packaging tape won’t stick to cartons or is lifting off after two hours. Why?

A. There can be three causes:
Your cartons are dusty—all packaging tapes requires a clean surfaces to “wet out”
Your cartons have a very high content of recycled paper that makes bonding difficult.
The best solution is using our:
(9308) Acrylic Clear 50um 48mm x 75m Packaging Tape 36/ctn—$1.40/roll + GST
Or occasionally a natural rubber packaging tape will work too:
(5307) PP30 Clear Natural Rubber Tape 48mm x 75m 36/ctn—$1.53/roll + GST
Sometimes very high humidity conditions (e.g. Brisbane in February) require a premium level tape (e.g. massive layer of adhesive backing. Try:
(1770) Premium Acrylic Clear 65um 48mmx75m Packaging Tape 36/ctn-$2.96/roll + GST

Q. The tape is so noisy that it’s driving me crazy. Is there a way to reduce the screeching sound?

A. Use a low noise tape dispenser (beware that many so called low noise dispensers do not have the correct mechanism). Try:
(3258) Low noise pistol grip tape dispenser—$16.05 each + GST

Click here to watch a handy video on how to load the tape correctly


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