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What Palletwrap Should I Use?

What Palletwrap Should I Use?

Choosing the right type of palletwrap (also commonly known as shrink film / cling wrap) for your application is CRITICAL.
When choosing your palletwrap there are a number of important factors to consider:
  • The products being wrapped
  • The monetary Budget
  • Storage situation and,
  • Transport of finished goods 

There are two main types of palletwrap that exist;
Traditional Australian Made 'Tacky' Blown Palletwrap Film and New Technology Imported 'Clear' Palletwrap.

Advantages of
Blown Film 
 Great Load Strength and Puncture Resistance - Ideal for wrapping sharp or heavy items
Tacky on One Side - Preferred during transport of some goods to help stabilise pallets
High Degree of Memory - Keeps wrapped products in place for longer
Australian Manufactured Product - Offers consistent quality
Typical Industries - Engineering, stone / tiling, metal products

 Advantages of
Cast Film
Great Clarity - Ideal for scanning palletised products
Ergonomic - Rolls are lighter which makes handling easier
Cost Efficient - Cheaper per metre which helps save money
Quiet - No tacky side which leads to quieter wrapping. Great for us on palletwrap machines
Typical Uses - Food and beverage products, chilled goods, light / medium general distribution, machine wrappers

Black Film (Blown + Cast) - Ideal for product security and reduces the chance of pilferage
Machine Film (Blown + Cast) - If you're wrapping 12+ pallets per day then it is recommended to consider a machine for wrapping. 
This saves on labour and wrap costs, reduces OH&S risks and improves consistency of wrapped pallets. 

ABL Distribution offers Australia wide delivery of all Palletwraps.
In many areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Tweed, ABL offers free delivery. 

Please contact us for more information on palletwraps and palletwrapping options.
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