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Jiffy Rigid Mailers

Discover the ultimate protection for your mailings with Jiffy Rigid Mailers. Crafted with an extra-rigid, kraft-laminated fiberboard construction, these mailers are designed to resist bending and provide superior edge and corner protection. Whether you are sending important documents, photos, or delicate items, Jiffy Rigid Mailers ensure your contents arrive safely and securely.


  • Extra-rigid construction for superior protection.
  • Kraft-laminated fiberboard for added durability.
  • Resistant to bending and crushing.

Available Sizes:

  1. Jiffy Rigid 215 x 280mm
  2. Jiffy Rigid 240 x 340mm
  3. Jiffy Rigid 265 x 380mm
  4. Jiffy Rigid 300 x 405mm

Ensure your valuable mailings reach their destination intact with Jiffy Rigid Mailers. These mailers combine the strength of fiberboard with the flexibility needed for efficient shipping. Trust Jiffy Rigid Mailers to protect your important documents, photos, and fragile items during transit.

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