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Aircell Envelopes

ABL Distribution has a large and extensive range of Aircell options to suit all your needs! ABL can help you with all your specialised packaging solutions to suit all warehousing and business needs.- ABL has got you covered!  If your looking for something specific give ABL Distribution a call and one of our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to help you!

1. Can you Ship Aircell Envelopes?

We sure can!
All our items can be shipped using our own ABL trucks throughout our local area. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping (Selected Tweed, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas). Orders outside our FIS area and across Australia will incur a shipping charge. Want to get a shipping cost estimate? Give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today!

2. What are Aircell Envelopes?

Aircell envelopes are ideal for the use of packaging electronic items and ensuring they are protected from damage during transit.  Aircell envelopes have multiple air cells, meaning that even if one cell is punctured or damaged the product is still protected by the remaining inflated cells. These aircells also provide a level of moisture and humidity protection for your goods.

This is an image of Aircell Envelope

Protective Air Cell Packaging for Your Products

Discover the innovative Aircell Envelope, a premium packaging solution that ensures your products are safeguarded during transit. This unique design allows the envelope to mould around a product upon inflation, providing maximum protection against impact and damage.

Benefits of Aircell Envelope:

  • Offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption
  • Provides moderate moisture and humidity protection
  • Customised fit ensures a snug and secure packaging for your items
  • Lightweight design minimises shipping costs
  • Easy to use and quick to inflate, saving time in your packing process
  • Reusable and eco-friendly, reducing waste and promoting sustainability

Whether you are shipping delicate electronics, fragile ceramics, or valuable items, Aircell Envelope offers reliable protection and peace of mind. Trust in the quality of this air cell packaging to keep your products safe throughout their journey.

Upgrade your packaging solution today with Aircell Envelope and ensure your items arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

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