The Stress Of Moving And How The Right Supplies Cam Make Your Relocation Easier

Moving is quite often one of the most stressful life experiences that families face, especially when they must handle all of the tasks on their own. The logistics of a big move go beyond packing and transportation and include a list of seemingly endless needs that must be fulfilled in such a short amount of time. For example, when you move, you have to get in touch with all of your utility providers, your bank, your credit providers, your children’s school, and others to change your address. This may seem like a straightforward process, but you have to accomplish it while also packing your belongings and going about your already-busy routine.

While our area has plenty of packing and moving services, they may not be the most realistic investment for already financially-burdened families. Instead, you can save money by packing and moving yourself. While it may seem like a big project, a little planning and the right tools can help you take your move from overwhelming to perfectly executed.

First and foremost, making a big move easier starts with a plan. You need to break the process down into steps, along with a timeline of when each needs to take place. From transferring utilities to any equipment rentals, you want to know when each major step needs to happen so that you aren’t left scrambling to complete forgotten tasks. The same planning also applies to your packing process. For example, rather than purchasing moving boxes and starting blindly, think about what custom boxes and cartons you will need for specialty items. This will allow you to create a budget for your moving expenses so that you feel financially confident as you proceed with the process. Likewise, don’t forget about additional materials you will need, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and furniture blankets.

Next, your packing process needs a logical approach. Packing should start as soon as you know you are moving, and if you commit to just a few areas a day, you won’t have to disrupt your normal routine quite so much. Start with rarely used items and mementos, while leaving the most-used items until last. Take a practical look at your home and decide what can be packed, but also what can be recycled, sold, or donated. Rather than take the effort to pack and move these unnecessary items, get rid of them before your move. As you proceed, you also want to create a “new home” kit that includes everything you would need for your first day at your new place. Items like personal toiletries, a change of clothes, clean sheets, trash bags, cleaning supplies, can all be packed together in your kit so that you know exactly where the essentials are that you will need immediately. Finally, when moving day arrives, know that even the best-laid plans will have the occasional hiccups. You need to be flexible with your family and keep your stress level under control.

As you plan your move, remember that ABL Distribution is the Gold Coast’s go-to provider of affordable packaging materials.

We have everything you need for a flawless move. Let us help you streamline the process with the right tools so that you can arrive at your new home feeling confident that both your belongings and your budget are safe and sound.

Surfboards are just about the toughest thing to ship. But when you’re heading to spots like Mexico, Hawaii or Indonesia, it’s hard to leave that surfboard behind. Or maybe you’re an artist who designs surfboards, but you have clients all over the world. No matter why you need to ship a surfboard,

ABL Distribution is the best choice for surfboard shipping boxes—and here’s why.

ABL Distribution’s surfboard shipping boxes have been crafted with the help of surfboard manufacturers, ensuring that they are the perfect shape to fit the unique form of a surfboard. On top of that, quality cardboard is used to make sure the resilient boxes safely transport your board from one place to another. Different sizes allow for different types of boards as well; surfboard shipping boxes come in both regular and longboard sizes that can fit one or multiple surfboards. There are also custom boxes available for those with unique boards that can’t fit into any of the aforementioned boxes.

If you are going to ship a surfboard, ABL Distribution is the best option for surfboard shipping boxes in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Operating as a family owned business for 30 years, the quality of both service and products are important to us here at ABL Distribution. To find out more or order a box for your board today, call toll-free 1800 984 822 or contact us via the form on our website.


Void fill, Enviro fill packaging peanuts, air pillows, air cushions, fill pack, fill air, Green Pack , Flo-pak, Eco-fill, Mic Pac, Bio Fill – these are all terms for products that seek to protect goods from damage by “cushioning” impact during transportation.

What’s the best option for you? Here are some key factors to consider –

• The Cost of your product – Superior void products are more expensive. So the void product that you might use for a $5.00 product may differ from that of $250.00  product.
• Product presentation – Sometimes certified ‘eco-friendly’ void products may be a good choice or the case of cheap inexpensive goods, Styrofoam chips may suffice.
• Void in cartons – Your cartons should be strong enough to prevent crushing in transit. The amount of ‘void’ or ‘air gaps’ shoulf be sufficient to allow some impact movement and cushioning but not too tight that the impact shocks cause damage. (Contact us – we have 30 years’ experience in carton design)
• The potential for product migration – Some products have good ‘interlock’ so that over the transport journey, products remain “encapsulated” and don’t shift to the  bottom of the carton where damage may happen.
• Memory – Some void materials are not resilient, so when a sharp cut breaks “the seal”, the protective value of the material is less. For example “the bubble” deflates  and your product gets damaged.
• Product storage – Some void products require lots of space in your warehouse or may possibly attract vermin or insects.
• Easy of dispensing – There are now many “automatic” dispensing systems available that offer savings in time, efficiency and space to medium to large volume  users.

Below are summaries and links to our range of void fill products

Isolite Cubes
(“Foam Chips”, “Foam Cubes”)
Cheap Polystyrene off cuts, poor migration, awkward to store, 200L bag



Enviro Fill
(“Greenpak”, “Packing Peanuts”)
Eco friendly product, economical, migration can be an issue, storage and moisture may be a problem, 400L bag



(Packing clams)
Supreme performance due to unique shape, interlocking limits migration,
400L bag (Sadly limited stock due to Sealed Air’s dicontinuing this range)



Bubblewrap P32L Lite Fill Big bubble (32mm)
In perforated 300mmx300mm sheets, excellent void fill for small spaces, easy to dispense and economical



Polycello Bags
(Air cushions/Air pillows, Air pillow packaging, Packaging Pillow)
Pre-inflated air cushion, bags designed to fill void, great presentation, great for small users, easy solution.
(3600 & 3601)


Insta pak
A brilliant, customisable, high protection void system for high value products, easy to use, space efficient, gives customisable “moulds”
(7026, 7027, 7028, 7029, 7031)


Void Fill Dispensing System
The most suitable system for small to medium users is a Mini Pak’r Air Cushion Machine. Compact, quick, versatile, 5 types of cushions available, virtually maintenance free and easy to use

We stock 5 types of air cushion suitable for the Mini Pak’r
(other types are available - please ask).

The 200mmx100mm cushions are excellent for small items. While the large cushions (200mmx200mm) suit larger heavy items. The quilted and double cushioned may suit awkward or heavy items.
(2002, 2003, 2146, 10622, 1998)


NB - Please note air cushion systems don't leave "paper dust" that may discolour or adversely affect product presentation.


Cello-O E2
In larger users, a Cello-O E2 Air Cushion Machine offers a very economical solution. A high capacity “pillow” making machine produces economically, eco-friendly pillows in a variety of sizes.
(1931, 1932 - bags)


Please phone us if you would like an obligation free demonstration.

ABL Distribution Pty Ltd stocks a comprehensive range of strapping equipment or tooling for all mainstream types of strapping.

Below is a simple guide to our range of strapping equipment and tools suited to polypropylene strapping.

1. Strapping Equipment for Polyprop (or Polypropylene) Strapping:
(a) Plastic buckles for 12mm and 15mm hand polypropylene strapping. Here plastic buckles are used for light duty hand tying. This is a link to our destination of how to use plastic buckles for strapping. Click here to view our poly buckles online.
(b) Metal buckles for 12, 15 & 19mm polypropylene strapping. Metal buckles are used for applications where greater strength and durability is needed. Here is a link to a demonstration of how to use metal buckles for polyporopylene strapping.

In many cases it is necessary to use a tensioning tool to assist operators in gaining sufficient tension. In particular it is very difficult to use metal buckles on 19mm polypropylene strapping without a tensioner. Here is a link to our product range:

12mm & 15mm tensioner for polypropylene strapping

19mm H/Duty tensioner for polypropylene strapping

12mm buckles for polypropylene strapping

15mm buckles for polypropylene strapping

19mm buckles for polypropylene strapping


(c) Metal seals for 12mm, 15mm and 19mm: For superior strength and durability, metal seals suited for poly strapping for be used. Metal seals require the use of both a sealer (also known as a crimper) and a tensioner. Here is a link to a demonstration of metal seals for polypropylene strapping

Below are product links for metal seals and sealing equipment:

12mm seals

15mm seals

19mm seals

19mm H/Duty seals

12mm sealer

15mm sealer

19mm sealer

12 - 15mm tensioner

19mm tensioner

(d) Automatic "welding" guns (battery operated automatic tools): The Pacmaster range of battery operated automatic tools can be used to seal polypropylene strapping. They are suited to high volume applications where speed and consistency are very important. Product links below:

ZP-97A Battery powered strapping tool

Demo on how it works

(e) Semi automatic wrapping machines for polypropylene strapping: There machines offer many advantages in volume applications:

1. Simple fast wrapping of a range of sizes of boxes

2. "Open" table means a wide variety of cartons can be strapped

3. Enables consolidation of small boxes into larger "wraps" assisting in product identification and offer reducing freight costs. Product links below:

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Demo on youtube


(f) Automatic strapping machines: These machines are suited to users who need to strap high volumes of small to medium cases, or, to place strapping around elongated products.

Product links below:

Automatic Poly Strapping Machine





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