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Practicing workplace safety saves lives – and money

In the modern industrial workplace, the pace is faster and the machines are bigger than ever. That means the need for safety in the workplace is more important than it has ever been. ABL Distribution understands how important workplace safety is and has a wide selection of safety glasses and personal protective equipment to make the job site safe.

Industrial and manufacturing supplies are ABL Distribution’s specialty. In addition to personal protective equipment and safety glasses, ABL also has a large variety of commercial cleaning supplies to keep the job site clean and safe.

The importance of workplace safety should never be underestimated. According to  an Australian Parliamentary Report, it is estimated that the toll from workplace deaths and accidents exceeds the national road toll – and most of the deaths in the workplace could be prevented with the right precautions.

By protecting your employees not only with safe practices but with personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, an employer is also protecting himself. Less on the job injuries leads to less insurance costs, less employee disability claims and a safer, more productive workforce. Protecting your employees with also shows that you care for their safety and well-being.

ABL Distribution has been providing workplace safety products and solutions for years. With more than 25 years in the business, ABL Distribution is the top choice for Gold Coast businesses looking to find personal protective equipment and commercial cleaning supplies at an unbeatable price. The company, founded in 1986 by John and Margaret Boniface, remains family owned and operated by the next generation in Ian Boniface and Kerry Johnston– and remains committed to providing safety solutions for Australia’s workers. Products are availableat ABL’s large warehouse, or on their website, for convenient online shopping.

In addition to believing that every worker should have a safe work environment, ABL Distribution believes that customers – no matter what the size of their business, always come first. Whether you have two or 2,000 employees, ABL has the right products and solutions for your workplace safety needs. At ABL, customer service is a top priority.

When you are looking for the best value in workplace safety supplies, such as personal protective equipment and commercial cleaning supplies, ABL Distribution has your solution – at a cost that makes it easy to put safety first.

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