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Pallets are a highly effective way of organizing your shipments and stock and make sure items are protected during transport. Wrapping pallets properly minimizes the risk of items within the shipment getting damaged and reduces the manpower necessary for transport because the entire pallet is moved as one unit rather than having to move the individual boxes.

To get the benefits from palletizing freight, however, you must be sure that your employees are following this process properly and effectively. This involves not just the right packaging supplies, but also the most effective technique so that the items are well secured and balanced.

Start by selecting the appropriate pallet.

Safe, secure, and effective pallet wrapping starts with using the pallet that is right for your individual items as well as the size of your shipment. Make sure the pallet you choose is large enough to contain all of your items without any of them hanging over the edges, but not so large that it is difficult to wrap them completely without there being room for the items to slide around. Avoid using any pallets that have broken boards or are not of sturdy construction. The pallet must be strong enough not just to hold all of the items within the shipment, but also to remain sturdy and reliable when moving from storage into the shipment truck and then back off of the truck.

Be sure items are stacked properly.

Plan how your items are to be stacked on the pallet to ensure your employees load the pallet safely and effectively. Choose strong enough cartons to stack without sagging or breaking and plan the stacks so that the heaviest, sturdiest items are on the bottom while lighter items make up the top layers. Use firm packing tape to seal each carton and make the layers so that they fill the entire surface of the pallet from corner to corner. Build the layers evenly and pack the cartons close together so they all lend their strength to one another.

Wrap the load securely.

Wrapping and securing your load is one of the most important steps in palletizing your freight. Steel strapping supplies allow you to secure each of the items in the load to one another as well as to the pallet. This prevents the stacks from tipping and falling off of the pallet if the pallet hits a bump during transport or has to go up or down an incline. Be sure the steel strapping wraps securely around the load horizontally and vertically. Secure the straps tightly around the load to hold the items firmly, but not so tightly that it causes damage to the cartons or the items within them. Protect the cartons from dust, water, and other elements by wrapping the entire load in shrink wrap. For loads that contain lighter items or tightly packed cartons, firmly applied shrink wrap is sufficient for holding the load together and protecting the items.

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