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Are You Wrapping Your Pallets Properly?

When it comes to protecting products during shipment or storage, wrapping pallets is essential. Using nothing more than a roll of pallet wrap, Gold Coast companies stabilize stacks of boxes and other packaging, keep them balanced, and help prevent damage to the load. This is an important task and when done correctly minimizes product loss and ensures customer satisfaction, but are you doing it properly?

There are different ways to use pallet wrap. Some companies choose to manually wrap their pallets using hand wrap, while others prefer to use pallet wrapping equipment to automatically do this wrapping for them. Which is the right approach for you; and could your business become more efficient by switching?

Hand wrapping pallets is a special skill that requires control and an understanding of the materials used to ensure accuracy and efficient wrapping. If your employees really know what they are doing, they can stretch the wrap properly, wrap it tightly enough, and use the right number of layers to ensure proper securing of the pallet. For situations when you only have a few pallets to wrap a day, this approach could save you time and money.

If you have larger production or your employees are not comfortable with the sometimes dizzying process of wrapping the large sheets of wrap around the pallets, consider investing in pallet wrapping equipment. It may also save you money on labour costs and reduce OHS injuries associated with bad backs etc. This equipment automatically applies the proper amount of pallet wrap to the pallet, ensuring it is at the correct tightness to hold the boxes together without crushing them, and maximizes your materials so you do not waste wrap with too many layers or layers that are too loose.

Making an investment in automatic wrapping equipment does not eliminate the need for high-quality, dedicated employees. Even with this equipment, hand wrapping a single pallet may often be easier, and you must still trust your employees to evaluate the specific needs of a load and perform additional tasks such as further stabilizing a load by adding plastic strapping. Companies can look to us for a full array of packaging supplies, such as pallet wrapping, strapping, and other packaging materials to ensure your loads are properly packaged, stabilized, and ready to ship.

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