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Be Prepared: Your Guide To All Things Packaging

Whether you deliver small batches of products just throughout your area or manage a large enterprise that ships loads around the country or even the world, your productivity relies on your packaging supplies. Brisbane companies utilize a wide variety of supplies to manage the needs of packaging their products, from keeping pallets secure and balanced to protecting individual items. Having the right packaging supplies on hand ensures you are ready to meet your productivity goals and push toward growth while keeping the quality and dependability your customers expect.

Masking Tape

When it comes to masking tape, Brisbane companies know that this is one of the simplest and yet most useful packaging products. You can use tape for a wide variety of applications, but it is important to choose the one that is right for your needs. Value masking tape is convenient for temporary use, while auto grade and high temp tapes provide advanced performance for specialized applications. Use this tape for closing boxes, securing bags, bundling, masking, painting and even creating temporary labels for items during the packaging process.

Pallet Wrap

Pallets let you stack boxes or units of products so they are properly balanced and you can move them easily from place to place. In order to protect these items and keep them from tumbling as you move the pallet, you secure them all with pallet wrap. Brisbane companies choose either manual wrapping using hand wrap pallet wrap or automatic wrapping with a pallet wrapping machine. Whether you choose to wrap your pallets manually or with a machine, it is important to choose the right style of wrap. Black and clear are available for both hand wrapping and machine wrapping. Cast or blown pallet wrap are available in clear or black. Cast pallet wrap sticks to itself, has great clarity for scanning and reduces “pallet stick”. Blown is great for sharp or irregular loads with increase puncture resistance.

Plastic Bags

While many people thinking about high-quality professional packaging materials will not automatically think of plastic bags, Brisbane companies can reap a variety of benefits from these seemingly simple but highly effective packaging supplies. Industrial plastic is thick, durable, and resists punctures. This protects items from dirt, water, dust, and other damage so they are safe during transfer or storage. Several types of bags are available, including resealable bags in a variety of sizes and furniture bags for large pieces. For unusually shaped or irregularly sized items, consider poly tubing. This material is essentially one long bag that lets you customize the size of the bag by placing the item inside the tube and sealing the ends with a heat sealer.

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