Tube Cartons

Long & Thin products are hard to box and ship - Let ABL help you!
We offer quality shipping grade Australian cardboard ready to ship your tall items!
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Uvex Safety Range
ABL now offers a large rang of Uvex safety products!
This top quality brand will be sure to meet your every safety need! From glasses to gloves ABL can help!

Uvex Gloves
ABL Offers a large range of Uvex gloves to help you with your workplace needs. 
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The Uvex Athletic All-Round Gloves are the perfect glove for mechanical tasks. With its great dry & wet grip, this perfect fit glove 
will assist you in all your mechanical needs!

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The Uvex Profastrong Green Chemical Glove is perfect for all general janitorial and chemical applications. This multi use nitrile 
chemical glove is certified to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A & EN 388:2016.

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The Uvex Synexo M100 Gloves feature a seamless design and great dry & wet grip coating, perfect for mechanics. With a flexible
hook & loop fastening these gloves will be sure to stay on!

Uvex Glasses
ABL Offers a large range of Uvex glasses to help you with your workplace safety needs. 
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Uvex Synexo Featherweight Glasses are perfect for industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, maintenance,
engineering and warehousing. With 3 different tints to chose from, these glasses will protect you!

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Uvex Overspec Safety Glasses protect your eyes as well as your proscription glasses! These safety glasses fit perfectly on your 
prescription glasses and feature a large panoramic lens!

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Uvex Pheos Safety Glasses feature  'X' branded modern design with comfortable protection and a non slip fit. The duo-spherical
lens offers a large field of vision needed for the building industries.

Uvex Lens Cleaning Station & Refills
ABL Offers the Uvex lens cleaning station to help your glasses to stay clean on the work site!
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Uvex Lens Cleaning Station comes with 4 tissues boxes and a bottle of 'Uvex Clear' cleaning fluid formulated especially for Uvex
glasses coatings.

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Uvex Lens Cleaning Refills are perfect for when you run out of supplies in your Lens Cleaning Station or even if you just need a
top up!

 Thorzt Evaporative Cool Vest
The Thorzt Evaporative Cool Vest features a simple v-neck zipper design for use in a wide amount of ares. The Vest can provide
5-10 hours of cooling relief with is high quality comfortable quilted nylon outer.
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The comforting and cooling Thorzt Chill Towel is perfect to keep you cool during the summer heat. The towel promotes
thermoregulation, perfect for worksites!
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Ramsol Surface Sanitiser Spray

The Australian Made Ramsol Surface Sanitiser Spray is quick and easy way to sanitise your workplace, community centre or gym!
This no rinse sanitiser kills 99.99% of Germs and Bacteria and is ideal for any large surface spraying.


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