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Industrial adhesives and High temperature adhesive: strong products you can stick with

When you find something good in business – you stick to it. With more than 25 years in the business, ABL Distribution is a company that sticks to what works: great value and supreme customer service.

Founded in 1986 by John and Margaret Boniface and carried on today by Kerry Johnston and Ian Boniface, ABL Distribution began when the Bonifaces saw a need for a proactive and competitive industrial and warehousing packaging supplier on the Gold Coast. ABL is now one of Australia’s top suppliers of high temperature adhesive and industrial adhesives. Still family owned and operated, ABL Distribution is one of Queensland's largest distributors of industrial packaging and related products.

High-temp adhesives are an important tool in the manufacturing world – used in everything from boat building to cabinet making. Industrial adhesives are an excellent way to create permanent structural bonds between substrates, to seal quickly and easily secure components in many types of manufacturing and plastics.

ABL Distribution carries many types of industrial adhesives, industrial packaging and high temp adhesives to suit most manufacturing and high temperature adhesive needs. In addition to having a huge warehouse full of industrial adhesives, ABL combines their vast industrial experience, competitive pricing and product knowledge to make ABL Distribution a true “one stop shop”.

“With great pricing and personal customer service, ABL Distribution customers aren’t just a number,” founder Boniface said. “Products are sold through the vast showroom to local clients, as well as the general public. The online catalogue allows ABL Distribution to serve a wider geographical area throughout Australia.”

But the customers have even more to say, with rave reviews on ABL’s “wow” pricing, “speedy response time” and their commitment to “face to face” customer service with a friendly staff, rather than dealing with a customer service rep you’ve never spoken to personally.

In addition to industrial adhesives, industrial packaging and high temp adhesives ABL Distribution carries a wide array of supplies ranging from cartons, bubble wrap and specialty tapes and adhesives. ABL’s long-term supply relationships with key distributors such as 3M, Bostik and Polycell allow ABL to offer the best quality manufacturing, mailing and packing supplies in the industry.  Prompt and efficient management of stock levels and delivery, in addition to competitive pricing, makes ABL Distribution a company you can really stick to.

Australia’s top suppliers of industrial and warehousing packaging , high temperature adhesive and industrial adhesives to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia

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