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One of the areas that many companies lose both time and money is when shipping products. Depending on the size of your business, preparing and sending shipment is something you likely do every day or at least multiple times each week. This means that your shipments are a major opportunity for you to pull the reins in on your budget while also making sure that your customers are happy.

Getting the most out of your shipping starts with choosing the right packaging materials. Even if your employees are highly efficient at packing your shipments and fast at sending them out, if you choose the wrong packaging materials you are not only wasting money, but you are also putting your products at risk of serious damage and your customer relationships at risk of strain because of dissatisfaction when they receive packages. Because shipments start with packing boxes, Brisbane companies should make sure they choose the right box and then build their shipments from there.

Use these tips to help you create the most effective shipments so you can save money, ship more effectively, and build customer satisfaction with your products:

  • Keep a variety of cartons and boxes on hand. The best way to make sure you have the right shipping cartons for all of your shipments is to keep a range of boxes on hand at all times. Evaluate your products and average shipments so you can decide the sizes and weights of boxes that are the most appropriate for your needs. Keep regular stock of these boxes as well as a few extra that are slightly smaller and larger to accommodate outlying orders. This way you can be sure you have the right box for each shipment and do not have to waste time, money, and materials by using the wrong box because you didn't have the right size cardboard boxes for your shipment
  • Choose durable materials. Purchasing lighter-weight boxes may seem like a great way to shave money off of your packing material budget, but in the end, using these materials might actually cost you. Light-weight boxes are fine for some products, but if you are shipping large, breakable, or weighty products, using light boxes could result in damage to the products. Choose a heavy duty box when you need additional stability and protection for your shipments. This prevents the box from sagging, ripping, or falling apart because it cannot contain the products. This extra durability prevents the cost of damaged products and returns from dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, using heavy duty boxes when only standard shipping cartons are needed incurs additional cost.
  • Use the right supplementary materials. It is more than the box that creates a cost-efficient and effective package. Make sure you choose the correct supplementary materials to protect each of the products inside your package and ensure the shipment gets to your customers properly. Use void fill such as bubble wrap, air pockets, or plain white newsprint to fill all of the empty space within the boxes and create a buffer between the products. This absorbs shock and keeps the products from damaging one another during transit. Clear tape is another material that you should never overlook. This simple tape seals your mailing boxes and protects shipping labels to prevent smearing and scratching.

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