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The E-Commerce Paradox—How to Improve Your Odds in an Areas That Builds Up and Tears Down Brands

With e-commerce now driving our global economy, your business needs to adapt to the challenges of consumers who want the convenience of online ordering and delivery. As such, everything from your website, online ordering process, payment security, packaging and shipping needs to be flawless. While e-commerce has opened doors for entrepreneurs who might otherwise have been overlooked, it has also created such fierce competition that even mega-brands are struggling to retain their position in the retail landscape. How can you help your business remain ready and relevant? Here are a few ideas:

  • Beyond the competition, the wave of hacking scandals and cyber-security threats are one of the biggest dangers to your online efforts. You need your website to be a safe place for consumers, and your payment processing needs to adhere to industry best practices. You never want your business to be a source point for identity theft, so focus on an intuitive, attractive, easy-to-navigate, and ultimately safe website.
  • You can make the best products in the nation, but if they arrive to your customers damaged, you lose money and consumer confidence. Invest in the right custom boxes and cartons, as well as packaging supplies so that your items survive the postal gauntletGold Coast leading discount supplier of custom boxes, mailers, cartons and industrial packaging materials unscathed. Additionally, provide package tracking through your shipping service so that your customers know exactly where their items are and when they can expect to receive them.
  • Take the time to keep up with your brand’s social media presence. Even if you can’t invest in a digital marketing management service, frequent posts about new items, sales, anecdotes, and more will help customers see you as an active business that is always growing. Social media can be some of the best free marketing you will ever find.
  • Always keep looking forward, watching for trends in your industry, and study your competitors. People expect businesses to evolve, but you also need to know what is resonating with your target audience.

As a leading supplier of industrial packaging materials in the Gold Coast, ABL Distribution wants to see our local businesses succeed in their e-commerce efforts.

We can connect you with customized packaging and mailers, as well as other supplies to help your business operate efficiently. As you continue your path of success, we will be here to help. To learn more, or need help, call 1800 984 822!

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