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Is Your Business Holiday Season Ready? Tips to Help You Keep Up with Your Customers

For retail business across the region, the holiday season is about to kick into high gear. You want you to serve your customers, and make this year’s sales the best yet. However, are you really prepared to tackle this busy season in a strategic and proactive way so that you maximize on a time when people will be spending the most? Here are some tips to ensure your business is ready for the holidays:

If you have an e-commerce component, make sure that your website is ready and updated. Does your IT professional feel confident that it can handle the traffic? Are your pictures, product listings, and descriptions accurate and thorough? Is your site safe and secure, and you know the warning signs of fraud? With more people turning to online shopping, your website could be the biggest source of important seasonal revenue.

  • Do you have the operational support to fulfill and ship orders safely and in a timely manner? If not, you may want to hire temporary holiday help. You want to be able to get those orders accurately fulfilled and shipped, and you can’t accomplish that without the personnel to help.
  • Do you have a source for wholesale packaging supplies, like boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, and plastic bags?  You want a trusted provider so that, as the season gets busier, you never find yourself stuck and unable to fulfill orders because you don’t have the right packaging supplies.
  • Remember, your season will continue into the new year, so make sure your return policy is clear on your site and your packing slips. Have the procedures in place to process returns, because this is the one area in which customer satisfaction can be won or lost.

As a Gold Coast leader in wholesale packaging and industrial supplies, ABL Distribution helps businesses just like yours meet the demands of e-commerce packaging logistics. We have all the supplies you need, and can help your holiday season on track with the right products. To learn more, contact a representative today. Call 1-800-984-822!

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