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3M Cut Off Wheels or Cut Off Discs


Cut Off Wheels or Cut Off Discs are an important item in every metal fabrication, engineering, aluminium fabrication or sheet metal business.

ABL Distribution is one of the major suppliers of 3M Cut Off Wheels, Grinding Discs, Flap Discs, Scotchbrite Clean & Strip Discs in the Gold Coast, Logan, Yatala, Brisbane, Coomera and Tweed Areas. 

3M Cut Off Wheels are designed to:

  • Maximise cut speed
  • Last longer
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Stop annoying "snapping" of low quality cut off wheels
  • Reduce time spent changing cut off wheels


Metal fabricators can select between two ranges of 3M Cut Off Wheels stocked by ABL Distribution.

1. 3M High Performance Cut Off Wheels

These cut off wheels have state of the art technology. They use 3M's patented PSG (precision shaped grain) technology.

Tests show these cut off wheels last up to 3-4 times longer than leading competitors.

3M High Performance Cut Off Wheels

2. 3M thin Cut Off Wheels

These cut of wheels offer outstanding performance at a great price. They work well on mild steel and stainless steels.

3M Thin Cut Off Wheels are available in 100mm and 125mm diameter.

3m thin cut off wheel

3M Cut Off Wheels are available from our conveniently located warehouse at Arundel.

ABL Distribution also offers convenient free delivery for orders over $100 for customers in Brisbane, Ormeau, Coomera, Logan, Yatala, Tweed and Gold Coast.


ABL Distrribution also ships Australia wide.

Many customers consolidate their orders for cut off wheels, grinding discs, flap discs, clean and strip discs with other products in ABL's range.

With over 4500 items, ranging from acetone to masking tapes to bubblewrap to rags to toilet paper, ABL Distribution is a convenient One Stop Shop for most industries.

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