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Surfboards are just about the toughest thing to ship...until now!

But when you’re heading to spots like Mexico, Hawaii or Indonesia, it’s hard to leave that surfboard behind. Or maybe you’re an artist who designs surfboards, but you have clients all over the world. No matter why you need to ship a surfboard, ABL Distribution is the best choice for surfboard shipping boxes—and here’s why.

ABL Distribution’s surfboard shipping boxes have been crafted with the help of surfboard manufacturers, ensuring that they are the perfect shape to fit the unique form of a surfboard.

On top of that, quality cardboard is used to make sure the resilient boxes safely transport your board from one place to another. Different sizes allow for different types of boards as well; surfboard shipping boxes come in both regular and longboard sizes that can fit one or multiple surfboards. There are also custom boxes available for those with unique boards that can’t fit into any of the aforementioned boxes.

If you are going to ship a surfboard, ABL Distribution is the best option for surfboard shipping boxes in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Operating as a family owned business for 30 years, the quality of both service and products are important to us here at ABL Distribution. To find out more or order a box for your board today, call toll-free 1800 984 822 or contact us via the form on our website.

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