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5 Easy Ways to Save

5 Easy Ways to Save

Industrial Warehouse Product Specialist

5 Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Warehouse

Getting your product out the door faster and cheaper is the priority in today’s fast-paced warehouse environment. You don’t make money on the consumables you buy, but you can make them work for you to save time and money for your business!

Labour is the most expensive component of your workplace, so anything that reduces the amount of time spent doing a particular task impacts the productivity and therefore the bottom line of your business. With this in mind, here is a five-fold strategy to keep your warehousing budget on track!

1. Assess your workflow.

Take some quiet time during the day to review warehouse systems with a ‘fresh set of eyes’ and see where you can re-organise to speed up your work areas. Designate a packing area, and make sure all tools are at hand from picking to packing, to palletizing and transport. Create ‘zones’ which logically make sense, and which have all the appropriate tools for the activity easily at hand, eg. Tape dispensers, shipping labels and cartons.

2. Consider appropriate machinery/tools if your shipping/packing volume warrants it.

The right tool will save huge amounts of labour time, as well as reduce injuries, some examples include:

  • Shipping more than 15 pallets a day? A pallet wrapper will pay for itself in 6 month by reducing your labour and materials costs, freeing up workers not only from dizzy-days wrapping pallets but to do more tasks in the time whilst the machine wraps the pallets automatically!
  • Use metal strapping a lot? Consider a seal-less strapping tool that will pay for itself rapidly by reducing   your labour time by at least 70% compared to regular tensioner/crimper set ups.

3. Minimise repeated tasks/wastage with simple, clever solutions!

Here are some ideas:

  • reduce writing tasks (and subsequent messy/spelling errors!) by using regular or custom printed labels. *
  • repeated lengths of protective wrapping— bubblewrap can be slit up to 5 times for free (and more times  for a small fee) to get a consistent width to your roll. Bubble wrap and PE foam can also be perforated into simple tear off sections to make perfect waste-free, fast wrapping squares. Putting your rolls on a dispenser will also save you time and money as well as free up valuable floor space!
  • reduce extra taping (and improve your branding!) by considering a custom printed tape including   multiple messages and branding—eg. Your logo, re-order contact details and FRAGILE all on one tape! *
  • die cuts of repeated taping jobs or of obscure shapes which need to be hand cut can mean enormous  time and money savings! *

4. Buy in bulk.

Many consumables don’t ‘go off’ so if you have room buying a carton (or greater) quantity less often can save you big money in the long run. Make sure you compare prices between suppliers on roll lengths etc pro rata to price to make sure you are getting the best deal on an “apples for apples” basis.

5. Short on space?

In warehousing space = money! So work smart— here are some examples:

  • Package your goods in stock cartons sizes that you can order small quantities on next-day turn around rather than having pallets of custom cartons lying around for months on end taking up your precious space.
  • Use hoppers for void fill storage to use the empty ‘air’ space above your packing area to your advantage. *

With 25 years of industry experience and experienced territory managers on the road every day, we have a practical understanding of how to make your warehouse/despatch area work best. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a no-obligation audit of your work area (within SE QLD) to see what our ‘fresh set of eyes’ can do to suggest ways that you can have a simpler, faster, more organised way to getting your goods out the door for less!

  *To contact us to enquire about custom tapes, labels, void fill hoppers and die cuts please click here.

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