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Polypropylene Strapping Equipment Guide

ABL Distribution Pty Ltd stocks a comprehensive range of strapping equipment or tooling for all mainstream types of strapping.

Below is a simple guide to our range of strapping equipment and tools suited to polypropylene strapping.

 Strapping Equipment for Polyprop (or Polypropylene) Strapping:

1. Buckles
Plastic buckles
  •  12mm and 15 mm hand polypropylene strapping. 
  • Used for light duty hand tying

SKU: 1201, 1211 & 11054

Poly Buckles For P P Strapping 
Metal buckles
  •  12mm, 15mm & 19mm polypropylene strapping.
  • Used where greater strength and durability is needed
  • Click here to view an instructional video

SKU: 1202, 1212 & 1278

 Metal Buckles for Polypropylene Strapping
 Metal Seals
  • Suitable for when you require a heavier duty application
  • Designed for use with tensioner and crimper

SKU: 1203, 1213 & 1276

 Metal Seals For P P Strappping
 Heavy Duty Metal Seals
  • Suitable for use with heavy duty PP strapping
  • Designed for use with tensioner and crimper

SKU: 1207 & 2450

 Heavy Duty Metal Seals for Polypropylene Strapping
 2. Tensioner  
 Standard PP Strapping Tensioner
  • Tensioners are used to draw tension onto the strapping. 
  • Suitable for tensioning standard polypropylene strapping.         

SKU: 1214

 An image of Standard Polypropylene Strapping Tensioner from ABL Distribution
 Heavy Duty PP Strapping Tensioner
  • Suitable for tensioning 19mm Heavy Duty Polypropylene strap
  • Great for heavy duty applications

SKU: 1237

 This is an image of 19mm heavy duty polypropylene strapping tensioner from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
 3. Crimper  
 Standard PP Strapping Crimper
  • Suited for polypropylene strapping applications
  • Crimps seals onto pp strapping to secure goods

SKU: 1215, 1217 & 1218

 Polypropylene Strapping Crimper from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
 Heavy Duty PP Strapping  Crimper
  • Suited for 19mm polypropylene strapping
  • Quality, heavy duty construction for ongoing use

SKU: 1158

 Heavy Duty 19mm Polypropylene Strapping Crimper from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
 4.  Semi Automatic Strapping Machine  
 TMS 300 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Includes 1 roll of 12mm strapping
  • Easy operation with simple maintenance
  • Suits polypropylene strapping widths 6-16mm
  • Dimensions: 910mm (L) x 582mm (W) x 785mm (H)
  • Click here for an instructional video

SKU: 3215

 TMS300 Semi Auto Strapping Machine from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd
 5. Automatic Strapping Machine  
 TRS-600 Auto Strapping Machine
  • Durable, reliable and includes rigid castors for easy moving
  • Easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance
  • Mechanical outside tension control
  • Dimensions: 750mm (W) x 600mm (H)

SKU: 3206 & 3212

 This is an image of TRS 600 Automatic Strapping Machine from ABL Distribution Pty Ltd

Please contact us if you require any further information on Polypropylene Strapping Applications. 
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