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Bostik Xtreme - The Only Tools You Need

They Seal. They Bond. In All Weather & Even Underwater!

1. Bostik Xtreme Fix!
A high performance adhesive that grabs instantly to most surfaces

  • Provides a strong bond regardless of the weather
  • Bonds many surfaces: Wood, concrete, brick, metal, masonry, plaster, glass, mirrors, P.V.C, Foam polystyrene & more
  • For use indoor & outdoor, environmentally friendly, low VOC
  • High instant grab, provides a permanent flexible bond
  • Withstands vibrations & shocks
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2. Bostik Xtreme Seal & Fix!
A high performance flexible sealant and high strength adhesive in one.
Cures to form a permanent, flexible seal and tough bond.

  • Seals in all weather & even under water
  • Seals & bonds: Expansion joints, damp surfaces, under water, rigid P.V.C, downpipes, gutters, ceramics, roof tiles, door & window frames, metal, concrete, brick, plaster & glass
  • Sandable & paintable, odourless
  • For use indoor & outdoor, environmentally friendly, low VOC
  • Suitable for use with most construction materials
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