ABL Distribution offer a wide range of bubble wraps. 
Our range includes P10, P20 and P32 bubble sizes as well as a variety or slit or perforated rolls. 

What is P10? What is P20? What is P32?
These refer to the size of each individual bubble. P10 means the bubbles are 10mm in diameter, P20 means 20mm and P32 means 32mm diameter. 
What standard slit sizes does ABL offer?
Our bubble roll sizes are 1.5mtr x 100m long. We then offer these roll sizes in slit (smaller rolls).
- 1.5m x 100m SLIT 2 x 750mm
- 1.5m x 100m SLIT 3 x 500mm
- 1.5m x 100m SLIT 4 x 375mm
- 1.5m x 100m SLIT 5 x 300mm
- 1.5m x 100m SLIT 15 x 100mm
What is perforation?
ABL offer perforated bubblewrap. This meaning the roll of bubble has an easy tear perforation every ***mm. 
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